A Now Ad-free Caturday!

I know I usually don’t blog on Saturdays, but here I am. This is a short one, though.

Notice anything different on the blog? Perhaps a slight absence of ads? I finally decided to upgrade to a non-free WordPress plan.

I was on the site the other day, the part you all see, and that…was a lot of ads. They give a message on WordPress about ads showing up if you’re on the free plan, but I had no idea how obnoxious it was. I figured it was probably like one or two. When I looked the other days, there were SIX ads on one post.

I was thinking about upgrading anyway. It doesn’t even cost that much, really. Seeing all those ads finally gave me the push to upgrade.

Plus I’ve been blogging for over a decade. It’s not like I’m quitting for good anytime soon.

For anyone who might be interested, the WordPress plans appear to be on sale at the moment. I think it said 33% off?

And now for aforementioned Caturday. The dueling gingers have been keeping me warm during these chilly days. My lap is a very popular spot. That’s Ham up front and Bleu in the back. Ham doesn’t wear a collar because he has PICA and will eat it. Bleu likes to “talk” with the bell on his collar.

I’ll see you all next week!


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