Guillermo del Torro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Happy Thursday, my lovelies! This has been a chilly week. Last week, I got a little spoiled with the whole 60-70-degree weather. Now I’m shaking my fist at the sky like a big baby. Give back my temps! 


Guillermo del Torro’s Cabinet of Curiosities. Oh my. What a ride that show is. First, it’s on Netflix. Here’s the description I stole from IMDB.

“Bizarre nightmares unfold in eight tales of terror in a visually stunning, spine-tingling horror collection curated by Guillermo del Toro.”

It’s formatted like The Twilight Zone. Guillermo del Torro does his intro, and then off we go. 

When I saw his name attached to the series, I thought he’d direct. Alas, that is not the case, but the directors who did that work have all done a great job as far as I can tell.

The whole season is wild and weird and disturbing in the best way…if you like horror. If you don’t like horror, run far, far away, my friend, because this show is not for you. 

It’s a bit gory, but the stories don’t really seem to hinge on that. The gore is not the focus. These are not slashers. BUT there are parts that are hard to watch for various reasons. 

I don’t want to get too far into any one episode because I’m desperately trying to avoid spoilers. I will mention my favorite episodes and my least favorite.

The Outside (episode 4) is just…bonkers. That one’s probably my 2nd favorite. I will definitely never look at lotion the same after that one. 

Pickman’s Model(episode 5), based on the Lovecraft story, was my favorite-favorite. Crispin Glover is in that one, and let’s face it, his very presence adds spice. 

My least favorite episode, the last one, is called The Viewing. I like to imagine it was written by a sugared-up 12-year-old with poor role models. However, it is still 100% worth a watch for the weird 70’s, Stanley Kubrick vibe. 

So the show is crazy. If you like horror, watch the thing. It’s just so brilliantly extra, completely unnecessary, and I’m sitting here impatiently waiting for another season. 


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