Oh, the Writing We’ll Do…and House Stuff but Not in that Order

Helloooo! How is everyone? Very well?

I, for one, am feeling very fancy because I have obtained both a shiny, new water heater and a shiny, new central air conditioner! I had window units last year and the house actually stayed pretty cool due to older house building materials, but central air is going to be great this year.

You want to see something crazy, though? So I had a crawl space guy out about a month ago, and he was like yo, the subfloor under your water heater has water damage and could collapse, which would land my water heater IN the crawl space. Fun, right?

I did believe him, because such is life when your house is almost a century old. I was actually worried about the floor ripping out when the water heater guy took out the old one.

Well, the floor didn’t do that, thank God, but I was treated to this sight. This is the corner behind the water heater so don’t judge my lack of cleaning. I couldn’t even see back there, let alone clean.

That dark hole goes to the crawl space. I showed it to one my my friends and he told me to run if I see any red balloons. 😆

Obviously, the new water heater was placed on a more stable part of the floor. I put a piece of plywood over this bad boy, and now I have to call the water damage repair place.

The good news is that I now know what it looks like and that it’s obvious where the subfloor should be replaced. It’s definitely not a whole room floor replacement situation, which is what I thought it might be. I think they can just do that corner and maybe a little over and leave the rest alone. AND my water heater is not about to land in my crawl space anymore, which is fantastico!

Also in the new things department: two pieces of flash fiction. I’ll probably post one this week and one next week.

I’m trying to figure out a good writing schedule so that I can start putting out books again, too. I’ve missed writing so much, but finding the time and energy is rough. At the end of the full time job day and then working on the house (which takes about as much time as a part time job), I usually crash.

I’m thinking about eventually putting the flash fiction from the blog into a book. Would an audio version be weird? I’ve never listened to flash fiction audio. I think it would be okay, probably like a poetry audiobook.

I’d probably wait until I had about 200 stories for that, just to make sure it was a substantial thing.

Anyway, later this week, check back in if you’d like to read more of my words.


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