sailing through the air

I am recovering from a debilitating lack of focus that I experienced over the weekend. I have so much to do and not enough attention span to go around.

Let’s take a quick look at my desk and see what’s on it.

Yesterday I finally finished the short story. My wonderful husband mailed it for me today.

I also finished reading Streiber’s Majestic. I should be ready to post something about it on the blog this week.

Tonight, I’m working on the witch book cover art plus synopsis. I really wanted this available at the beginning of september but at this rate, the release might be more like the middle of september. : (

Final/hands off readthrough of witch book. No worries. Should only take about 4 days.

Started on short story to coincide with witch book release. I actually didn’t plan to start writing this until I sent off for the proof, but I couldn’t help myself.

Updating marketing materials for Babylon Dragon and planning relaunch activities like registering the book on goodreads, etc.

Babylon dragon sequel notes. I wrote a couple of chapters. This is an official work in progress.

Plus one other very low priority writing work in progress that I keep picking up and putting down and picking up again.

I am bouncing between various projects like a ping pong ball on red bull. The madness must end.

I also need to choose the book for the august indie review. I’m still accepting synopsis sumissions for the next few days. So, if you want your book reviewed, please visit the book reviews section on my website.

Workout marathon – still going. What am I on now? *checks calendar* day 9. I have worked out the last 7 out of 9 days. I feel pretty good, although I am getting a little tired of devoting so much time to moving around. Yesterday was wii fit; today was yoga. Tomorrow will probably be cardio boxing.

This week I’m getting myself back on track with writing by prioritizing and setting goals. witch book readthrough, cover art and synopsis for during the week, babylon dragon marketing activities this weekend. Everything else, except workout marathon and blogging, is on the back burner, I swear.

This is me focusing. See my squint? Feel my intensity?

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