Workout Marathon Update + Whitley Strieber, Majestic

Workout Marathon update (Day 10, I think) – Still trucking. I did an especially tough session of cardio boxing today. argh. Earlier today, at work and before the boxing, my ribs started hurting, like all the way around. That was unpleasant. The pain could possibly be workout marathon related. However, I feel ok now. So I continue.

And now Majestic.

Maejestic is a fictional story that Whitley Strieber claims to have written based on actual documents from that whole alien Roswell incident that occurred back in the 50s. I didn’t check, so I can’t verify that the documents, like the press release about the crashed alien aricraft, are really for reals.

The narrator in the book is a writer who is interviewing various people who were involved in the conspiracy.

There were a few lags in the story, mostly military business, bah. Also, some of the characters were difficult to keep track of. There were so many of them and they were all military so the voices didn’t vary all that much. But for the most part, the story was wild and sort of trippy. There were some pretty intense parts, which I won’t ruin in case someone who wants to read Majestic stops off here. That wouldn’t be very nice. Overall, I thought it was a really good read.

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