A Quickie Round of Updates

Happy Monday!! How was the weekend? Very nice? Yesterday was nice and sunny and warmish, so that was pretty awesome.

I have a quick round of updates before we really get this party of a week started.

The recording of the nonfiction is COMPLETE! I am so excited. I also started editing the audio, and I like that process better than I remember. I was kinda dreading it, mostly because I haven’t done it in a while. I thought I might be boarding the struggle bus on this one, but I only had to look up one minor thing.

My hopes for this book are very high. I know this is going to make me sound like an egomaniac, but this book could do some good. It has a purpose that’s much bigger than I am.

Estimated release date? I could possibly shoot for the beginning of May for the audio version. The ebook and print editions might be out a bit sooner.

The reworking of the Leviathan notes is creeping closer to completion. That might be finished by the end of the week? I won’t start writing the new version until the nonfiction book is out. I’m doing my best to limit project hopping.

One more update. The distribution for Dark Dreams and Troubled Souls is now updated! There is still an issue with Google Play. Their site isn’t the most user-friendly site I’ve used. I have a few complaints that I might post here eventually. It feels like that whole end of their operation was half-assed. They cared enough to have the site but not enough to make it good.

Anyway, once more we have shiny, new links! They are below.

Dark Dreams and Troubled Souls is available at:

Amazon (print and ebook)

Apple Books

Google Play (coming soon)

Barnes and Noble



  1. Lea, I started reading the first story (through the Amazon preview) about the doppelgänger, and it completely grabbed me. I just bought it and can’t wait to read it!

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