Flashing Fiction

Hello, fair citizens. OMG, I swear I’m never screwing up my blog post schedule again. Between delaying the flash fiction posts and missing my post yesterday, my content calendar now looks like a weird game of chutes and ladders, only with long, squiggly arrows instead of slides and ladders.  

But that’s ok, because I have arrived on Tuesday with a schedule for the upcoming round of flash fiction!

If you’re new to the blog, welcome! My flash fiction consists of short stories in various paranormal-themed genres, some horror, some dark fantasy. Most of them are less than 300 words.

I used a new method of choosing subject matter this time. Previously, ideas would just kinda pop into my head, or I’d read something that would spur an idea. I still have ideas that way, of course. Now, I just have another method to toss in.

Basically, I use a couple of books. I turn to a random page in one and choose a word, and then do the same thing with the other book. I end up with word combos.

The books I’m currently using are 1. an absurdly thicc illustrated encyclopedia and 2. a history of magic and the occult. I don’t use the first words I land on. If I skim a bit, I usually end up finding better words down the page. 

Then I write the words down in a journal and kick them around until they give me a story. 

I’m not quite finished with all of these stories yet, so there might be yet more pushing and shuffling, but below is the intended schedule. I plan to post one every Wednesday, starting tomorrow.

Week 1: The Burning

Week 2: Armor

Week 3: Stellar

Week 4: Discordant

Week 5: What Remains

Week 6: Summer Clay 

Week 7: Reliquary

Week 8: What Fits the Bones

Week 9: In League

Week 10: The Mariner 

Yes, yes, I have two titles that start with “What.” One was an older title that I had written down, forgotten about, and then found again. I decided I was okay with having two “What” titles. The stories are very different, so I don’t think it will matter much in the end. 

Anyway, if you’d like to get in on the stories from the jump, you’ll probably want to wander back this way tomorrow. 

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