A Dream of Mice

I’m baaaack! Did anyone miss me? 🙂

I have completed the writing of the nonfiction book. It is going through various processes and should be available in January of 2023. I may disappear from this blog again briefly if the audiobook production decides to eat all my time and focus.

More flash fiction is on the way. I think I still have at least one piece that I haven’t published yet.

A while back, I had a dream about mice. A family of them had moved into my house and started wreaking havoc, crawling around in the cabinets, chewing through things. I remember wondering why neither of my cats were hunting them. The real Ham would’ve been delighted to have real, live mice to eat.

My efforts to get rid of them failed. They darted like little shadows through the cabinets, eating my food. Most of what I found remaining were crumbs scattered around. It was such a vivid dream that it stayed with me after I woke up.

Then, of course, I had to look up the interpretation of mice in dreams. I found this:

“Dreams about mice usually signify fear, insignificance, timidness, lack of assertiveness, or feelings of inadequacy. In general, mice dreams indicate minor problems, but they can also mean something positive (especially if one dreams of catching it).”

Fear? Check. Timidness? Sometimes. Lack of assertiveness? Pretty much my whole life story.

So, I guess my subconscious was trying to give me a push to be stronger. Ok, ok, brain. I hear ya.

Flash fiction will likely return later this week or possibly next. For how long and at what frequency? No idea. Stay tuned and find out!

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