Flash Fiction: The Waiver

“You actually read the waiver, right?” The rotund security goon leads me down a narrow corridor packed with sweaty workers rushing around.

“Of course,” I reply. “I’m ready.”

He turns to look at me over his shoulder with a mix of confusion and disappointment. “I’ll never understand kids today.”

Bass, upbeat dance music, booms like thunder in another part of the building. Excitement surges through me. I’ve waited so long to meet her, my idol. Just to be near her, to hear her voice in the same room is a dream come true, worth any price. And I believe the rumor that she is a goddess. With all my heart, I know.

We turn a corner, into another hallway. This one is less crowded, quieter.

“Sure you don’t want to read that waiver again?” asks the security guard. “I can rip it up, pretend you were never here.”

“I have to meet her,” I say.

He stops and faces me, shaking his head. “No. No, you don’t.”

I try to explain. “Her voice calls to me. When she sings, she speaks to me.”

He sighs, moves on. Further down the hall, he knocks lightly on a door. Her crystal-clear voice sounds from the other side, bright as the sun.

“Come in!”

Elyana, pop-star goddess, beautiful miracle rises from a plastic tarp on the floor, abandoning a severed foot and ankle to grace me with her attention. Blood shines in a crimson trail from her perfect lips, down her neck, and the front of her dress.

I hope she left room for me.

“I-I-I’m your biggest fan,” I stammer.

“Of course, you are!” Elyana beckons me for a hug, and I nearly fall into her arms.

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