The Results List

I finished recording Episode 3 of my upcoming podcast today! I was eager to finish the thing, and that meant almost 60 minutes in the booth this evening. About 25 for round 1 and 32 for round 2. After my 8-hour day-job work day, that was rough. I made it, though!

Anyway, that’s not really the subject of today’s post.

Last week, I listened to Rachel Hollis’ book, Girl, Stop Apologizing. The last couple of years I’ve somehow become a motivational book/podcast nerd. This isn’t a full book review. I just wanted to touch on one idea that I really liked in the book.

Hollis recommends having a list of results that keep you focused on making real progress instead of just occupying oneself with a bunch of busywork that provides no real movement. It’s kind of like a to do list but more focused on the outcome of activities.

The idea is to keep you from wasting time on stuff that doesn’t really make a difference. That’s very important, but I like it for one more reason.

A lot of the time, I feel like I’m not making progress because some tasks take a while for me to complete. I know I’m productive because when I turn around and look, I’m like look at all this stuff I’ve completed! Yay!

The rough part is the middle. The results list could definitely help alleviate that particular breed of frustration for me, so I might going to stick one next to my to do list in my planner.

The rest of the book is pretty good, too. She and I seem to have some similar personality traits, only she kicks way more butt than I do.


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