New Release: Midnight Sarcophagus

Book 2 of the Dark Dreams and Troubled Souls series is out. I feel like Book 1 came out about 30 seconds ago, but here we are! Another month, another round. This one is a novelette. It’s free if you’re on Kindle Unlimited.

MS Cover JPG

Link to the book on Amazon

Description: Freshly divorced and looking for adventure, Clara follows her archaeologist sister to the desert. A midnight black sarcophagus falls from a crane and shatters, expelling a creature so powerful that its awakening cracks open an ancient wound in the earth.

Three brings a warning. Drawn by their power, oblivion rushes toward the earth in the form of a comet. They must replace the sarcophagus before the comet hits, but they need Clara’s help.

For centuries, a demon, Enakken, searched for Three. She and her army of predators are bent on the destruction of the planet. Can Clara find a way to beat the demon and save the world?

Genre: Horror/Dark Fantasy

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