freedom and ederting

The internet technician man came. I am no longer isolated! I am happy to say that I am NOT typing this on my phone.

I started working on the edit for the remix project. Diving back in for an edit or a rewrite makes me nervous. I have to spend a day or two mentally preparing for whatever word wonkiness I might find. So far, the edit is going well. There are changes on almost every page, but most of them are small.

I did find a scene that needed more effective conversation. There was a second scene that I tried to work through, moved on out of frustration and then ended up going back and rewriting it almost completely. I should have just done that the first time through.

I’ve read the book a couple of times and that scene never felt right. I think I kept it because there were parts of it that I liked. Other parts didn’t make sense, the way the characters reacted. One character went from distressed to resigned in a matter of like two sentences without any real reason to do so. Yikes.

I also found three consecutive sentences that said the same thing. That was a special moment.

Are you impressed yet?

I’m about 25% of the way through, so I’m moving at a decent clip. I notified lady editor that she should receive it next month.

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