The Book of Eli

I finally saw The Book of Eli this weekend! I feel like I waited forever to see that freaking movie.

The movie is set in post apocalyptic America, which looks a bit like the old west but scorched, and more junk lying around. The bad guy, Carnegie, is looking for a book that he thinks will help him control people. I’ll give you two guesses as to what that book is. Eli has the book.

The filming in the movie was a little different. There wasn’t much color and the lighting was stark. There was a lot of slow motion too. Wait for it…

And even in this Mad Max-esque setting, product placement abounds. We counted: ipod, Motorola, The Davinci Code (book), and Kentucky fricking Fried Chicken.

Regarding the acting.

I sometimes say that Denzel plays the same character a lot: intelligent, charismatic, heroic in some kind of way. He’s a good actor. He just plays similar roles.

This role, Eli, was a little different. He wasn’t as outgoing as his usual character. Plus, Eli totally kicks ass. There are some action, fighting sequences and they were really good.

Gary Oldman was in this too. He plays such an awesome bad guy. I love that he can go from playing Commisioner Gordon in Dark Knight to Carnegie in The Book of Eli. That is versatility.

Mila Kunis played a character named Solara. She did really well too, I thought, which given her experience, she should. She played Jackie on that 70s Show and does voice work on Family Guy and Robot Chicken and probably did some other things I didn’t name. The character had a kind of damaged innocence and Kunis carried it perfectly.

Overall, I liked this movie a lot. I give it an A.

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