monsters: on my TV and in my closet

soundtrack of the day – Dave Matthews, Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King

This weekend was fun. I took last Friday and yesterday off so I could work on the writing. That didn’t really happen. I spent most of the weekend eating candy and playing Resident Evil. In other words, I reverted back to ten year old me. Ok, maybe I didn’t engage in those 2 particular activities ALL weekend, but that is how I will choose to sum it up. I did whatever I could to avoid working.

One of my work avoidance activities was to clean out our scary walk in closet. Most of it was okay but there was this one corner that was sort of a black hole. If something went in, you likely weren’t getting it back. Cleaning the closet was time consuming but luckily not disgusting…with one exception.

Every year, my husband goes to the Indy 500. I found several of his tickets in a filing cabinet drawer, including one of them that was still in the plastic holder he wears around his neck. I should have taken a picture for the blog so that other people could share in my suffering. Perhaps we could have started a support group. Alas I did not, and now I will have to dredge up that mental image and try to adequately describe the horror.

Some sort of insect had crawled into the plastic ticket holder to die. It was the size and shape of one of those huge bumble bees (body about an inch long), but all dark brown. Its legs were still there, folded up against its belly. It was rotting, and I mean, rotting. There was a smear coming out from under its back like some of its guts had squashed out and the inside of the ticket holder was covered in little dark, brown specks. The only thing that would have been worse is if I had seen its eyes. [prolonged shudder] I have NO idea how it got there. I was deeply disturbed and I fear that it may surface in my dreams.

Trauma aside, my closet is clean and beautiful. I even opened up a section of the closet big enough to store my art supplies in a tidy manner. I gained about two square feet of floor space in there too. Unfortunately, I still have a book to edit.

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