Ham vs Roses and Other Shenanigans

Well, hello there! I hope your spring is going well. Mine is pretty dang great so far.

Most of the rose bushes are blooming. We brought in the first bouquets of the season, and the one we put on the table didn’t last long.

Ginger cat #2, aka Ham, has PICA, which means he enjoys a variety of forbidden snacks. Last year, when we put roses on the table, he would sniff them and then decide he wasn’t interested. He would then go on about his day, no problemo.

This year, when he saw the roses on the table, he was like F**K YEAH ROSES, and proceeded to attack them like they were a blueberry muffin (which he is obsessed with).

This is one of the resulting photos.

The cat is bonkers. He only managed to get a mouthful of petals before I got it away from him. And yes I know certain flowers, like lilies, are poisonous to cats. He is fine. He has not perished.

Given the variety of randomness that Ham eats, a mouthful of rose petals is the least of my concerns.

As far as projects go, I am still and forever working on the nonfiction audio project. My energy has been a bit on the low side lately, so I’m not working on it as consistently as I should be.

The fact that I’m still working 40 hours a week is not helping. I need like a year off work, for real. I am a very tired human. What’s crazy is that I have several adult humans that I interact with who haven’t worked 40 hours a week as consistently as I have for the last couple of decades, and they seem mostly fine, financially. I’m clearly doing something wrong.

I feel like my job is eating my life, and I’m just letting it.

Anyway, sorry to be a bit of a Debbie Downer. I might have flash fiction this week? We will see.

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