Updates on a Thursday

Well, hello there! What is up, my reader homies?

The final mastering check on the nonfiction project is well over halfway finished. I have determined that I am very slow with the audio working. I like it, but if I plan to write a lot of books, my inefficient audio production may be an issue.

The other day, I remembered another audio project that I started a couple of years ago. I wrote a kids’ fantasy book called Beneath Oceans of Sky that I liked pretty well.

I recorded and edited the audio and then, for whatever reason, dropped the project. I might’ve been working on it around the time of my divorce? Maybe during Covid?

Regardless, there’s a whole bunch of recorded/edited audio lying around that I really should attend to at some point.

I also redesigned the cover while I was working on the audio, and it’s the best children’s book cover I’ve done so far. I just kinda dropped the whole thing and ran off somewhere.

What I need is like 40 extra hours in the week and the energy/attention span to use them.

I am pleased to report that yesterday’s flash fiction piece was #43! When I first started writing them, I’m not sure I thought I’d write this many. Sometimes I think about writing them a little more rapid-fire. If I ever hit 200, they’ll go into a book, and if I wish to arrive at 200 before I’m elderly, I might need to crank up production a notch or two.

In house news, I am eager for my roses! They have been trimmed. They have buds. Hurry up, flower babies!

I do have some very nice-looking irises in the yard.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now.

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