Flash Fiction: Tarot

She drew another card from the tarot deck and placed it on the desk for him to see.

“Four of Grinning Cats. You can’t go back at this time.” The receptionist grinned, apparently pleased with this result.

“I’ve waited for long enough.” Alby was about to say something more when the door behind him chimed.

A couple walked in, an older man with a limp and a pregnant woman. Alby cleared the way to the desk.

“Do you have an appointment?” the receptionist asked.

The old man spoke as he removed his fedora. “Yes, ma’am.” 

She gave a quick nod, pulled a new card from the deck. “The Owl. You can go back.”

The old man and the pregnant woman hustled through the ornate, wooden door to the receptionist’s left.

Once they’d gone, Alby said to the receptionist, “I’ve been here for a year.” 

“You know that doesn’t matter. Take your seat, please.”

He stared at the deck for a moment, tempted to snatch it and run, damn the consequences.

“I wouldn’t,” she said as if reading his mind.

“Can’t you pull another one? Just this once? Give a guy a break?”

“Two cards per day, that’s the limit.”

He clasped his hands, pleading. “Come on.”

“You might not like the result.”

“I never like the result.”

She hesitated but then picked up the deck and shuffled. 

“Thank you.” 

Back to the desk went the cards. She met his gaze as she pulled the next card and then flipped it over for him to see. Her brow furrowed.

“The Void. I’m sorry.”

“No.” He backed away, hands up in defense. “I’ve waited so long.” He turned to run, pushed through the door, and rushed headlong into the waiting nothing. 

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