Updates and a Dash of Process

Greetings! How are things, my fine, fellow humans? I am a-ok over here. The weather could really be warmer. We seem to have dropped back into cold weather, and that is a big do-not-like for me, especially given that I still have yard things to do. And the temperature is too low for me to comfortably open the windows, which is disappointing for both me and the dueling gingers.

I have completed the 2nd-to-last quality check on the audio for my nonfiction project! I’m doing one more after I master the audio, and then the thing is off to the races. When the master check is done, I will put up the ebook for preorder and submit the audio to the audiobook distributor for them to do their end of the deal. After that, I will get to work on the layout for the print edition. All 3 versions will, hopefully, become available at a similar time.

I thought that project would go much faster than it did. My original hope for the release was January of this year. As you can see, I didn’t quite make that one. It was just a goal, though, and not one that I announced publicly, so no big dealio.

I also finished the first round of notes for the Leviathan project. The other day, I realized that I keep talking about my notes for the books, but I don’t really elaborate on what that means, exactly. I have mentioned my process before, but it has been a while, and it has changed.

It starts with 35 pages of worksheets that I use to flesh out characters, plots, and backstory. I also cram some research in there if I need to and other nonsense like pictures if I find some useful ones. It contains many words.

Is it excessive? Yes. Does it help me write and edit faster? Absolutely yes. The workbook enables me to do a story edit before I even start writing. I can see more clearly what doesn’t fit in with the story and/or what characters I don’t really need, etc. It’s just easier than trying to pick that stuff out of a finished manuscript.

The worksheets change with every project. I add components or remove or rearrange them. I do hope that I reach the point where I can just use the worksheets and not feel like I need to tinker with them every time I write a book.

But the real question is…will I have flash fiction this week? Probably yes.

Welp, that’s enough rambling for now. Please enjoy this picture of Dueling Ginger #2, Ham, sleeping peacefully.

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