Book Updates and a Progress Bar

Hellooooooo! I am really excited, because my nonfiction audio project is officially more than halfway finished! WOOP!

I’m not gonna lie; there were a few rough patches. I rewrote a couple sections, and combined 2 sections. There has been a shifting of some words, and that involved recording retakes, but that is a-okay, because the whole thing is coming together beautifully. I am very pleased.

The other day, I was trying to come up with a fun way to share my project progress on the blog, and I decided on a progress bar, kinda like a game. I’ll put together the bar in Excel and fill it as I progress through whatever and have presents scheduled along the way at certain points. Presents for me, maybe presents for you all, if I ever figure out how to do a giveaway on the blog. We will see.

I don’t need it-need it, because I’ve felt weirdly motivated lately, but this could still be fun. What do you think? Yay? Nay?

OK! In other news, flash fiction, here, tomorrow. It is not quite done at this very moment, but it will be tomorrow. There. I’ve said it publicly, and now I have to finish it. XD

I am also kicking around the idea that I might post some of my older short stories on the blog as serialized fiction, with the stories split into parts over a few days. I’ll have to look at the stories before I decide, though. I’m sure they need a rewrite, because my writing has vastly improved.

After this week, flash fiction will return to Wednesday when I have one available to post. That is all I have for now.


    • Thank you! I promise I’ll share more about the nonfiction project when the release is a bit closer. I will say that it’s not about writing, and it’s not a memoir.

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