Bungalow Bathtub Business

Here we are in another amazing week! How is everything?

The bungalow bathroom remains about half-finished (or half-unfinished if you’re a pessimist). I love what I’ve done in there so far. 

Part of the delay has been a result of my indecision over what to do about the tub surround. I’m not posting a photo of the current state, because I don’t feel like moving my collection of bath products, but I can describe it for ya. There’s a small step in front of the tub, and at the rear side of the tub, there’s a tall ledge. 

I suspect this structure covers pipes that lead into the laundry room. I love it because it gives me a nice amount of storage space. The issue is that I’ve been having trouble deciding how to recover it.

The current situation is the penny-size blue tile, which is the same as what used to cover the floor. 

Ah yes, polka dots

The obvious choice would be to cover this with yet more tile. However, given that the floor is pale tile and there’s white tile that covers most of the wall space. That would end up making the bathroom feel like a tomb. That’s too much tile, like way too much.

I thought about covering it in wood (possibly paneling?) and painting it to match the cabinets I built. That’s still an option. 

Recently, I’ve been seeing this wall covering and others like it popping up in my social media feeds. 

I embarked on a mission to figure out what it was. There was much scrolling through endless wood paneling types. I looked at antique ceiling tiles.

The stuff popped up on my social media feed again, and I commented on the post to ask what it was. The lovely human who runs the account gave me the answer!

It is “anaglypta wallpaper,” which is molded into these patterns and is available in vinyl. You know what’s mostly waterproofish? VINYL. 

Not only that, the version I found is paintable! Perfection…possibly.

I emailed the manufacturer to make sure it could handle steam and the little bit of moisture that would hit it. They have confirmed it should be ok! 

So the current plan is to top the step and the shelf in water-resistant wood (kind of like a countertop) and then cover the sides in paneling I’ll make from thin wood covered in the anaglypta, and then paint all of the above to match the cabinets. And then seal the crap out of it. 

If I decide to move forward with this, the project will have 1 of 2 outcomes: amazing or disaster. There is no possibility spectrum.  

I do worry that the design will be a little busy because the shower tile is tiny and has its own design. I may need to mock this up on the computer and see what it looks like first. 

When will this project commence? No idea. Sometime after I finish the never-ending woodwork project, the floors, and install French doors in my bedroom archway. A year? I don’t know. I’ll post pictures if/when I get there.

I really need more spare time. Could someone please mail some to me? That would be great. Thanks. 

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