On This Fine Tuesday

Heyllo, all! How is every little thing? Good weekend, yes? 

As for me, I intended to spend it recording the nonfiction audiobook, but instead was incredibly distracted by refinishing part of my floor. I have to do a bit at a time, because the dueling ginger cats and I have to live here. I’ll post a picture when it’s dry and less reflective. 

Quick announcement! I am temporarily(?) moving flash fiction to Fridays during February, mostly not for the alliteration. February Flash Fiction Fridays. Like buttah. 

In other news, I really was hoping to finish the first round of recording for the audiobook. I might need to move my soundbooth. Right outside the room, there’s a gutter that drips quite loudly. I can’t record when it’s doing that. Aaaand it rained this weekend, so aside from the floor distraction, that was another bit of fun I had to contend with. 

Sometimes I think about hiring a professional narrator to record the audiobooks, but then while I’m recording, I find several things I want to fix. The audiobook narration is another level of editing that I don’t want to give up. 

I’ve also been reworking the notes for the Leviathan project, and I finally have a firm grasp of what the thing is, theme-wise. The story is much deeper than I originally thought it was. And it is 100% like nothing I’ve ever written before. I’m really excited to dive into the thing, but I need to finish the nonfiction project first. #motivation

One more announcement, and then I’m done, I swear. Love and the Dark is now available at additional online bookstores, so if you’d like to give it a read but do not wish to feed the Amazon Overlords, you are in luck, my friend. Shiny new links below.

A romantic thriller


Google Play

Barnes and Noble


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