Some Updates

Ok! Did everyone have a lovely, long weekend? Mine was pretty great. I worked on many things. I made progress on stripping my floor and the central archway at the homestead. I might finish someday before I retire.

The book business is now mostly in order. I have completed the updates to the book page on the website! All covers are correct. The links are correct. It looks all nice and neat and stuff.

A few of my books will be available at more online retailers within the next couple of months. I will announce those releases once they’re live.

I will have fewer books in Kindle Unlimited. Pestilence Rising is currently in Kindle Unlimited until the beginning of February, so if you’re enrolled in Kindle Unlimited and want to read it, you might want to look into that sooner rather than later.

Here’s a quick link to make it easy fer ya.

It’s so weird to me how long I’ve neglected this stuff, especially because I actually enjoy managing my work. It’s like moving little chess pieces around.

One non-book-related thing – I have completed my data analytics certification!! I am very excited. I still have to do a couple of things before I start looking for another job, but this is a step in a very good direction.

AND I get more of my time back, which is a huge relief.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for some flash fiction!


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