A Little Recording with a Splash of Numbers

What’s today? Ah, yes, Thursday. The weather has gone springy, which is weird, given that a week or so ago, it tried to murder us all. I even got to open the windows for a bit the other day. 

I’ve been off work this week, and I swear time is moving way faster than I’d like. I have gotten a wonderful amount of work done, however, so that is very good indeed.

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

On the work front, I started recording my nonfiction audiobook, and I realized that I missed the inside of my sound booth. It’s insulated, and the only thing I use it for is recording, so it has this kind of away-from-the-world vibe to it. My little recording clubhouse is calming. 

What I didn’t anticipate is that Ham (ginger cat #2) would not appreciate being excluded from the sound booth. He is both an emotionally needy and vocal creature, so sometimes when I’m in there, he sits outside the booth and cries. I assure him that I will return shortly, but I don’t think he believes me.

In other news, I put together an analysis of last year’s business and the general state of things. The goal was to establish a baseline and choose various directions for this year. I was adamant about not judging myself for anything I did or did not do.

I won’t go through all of it here, but I will mention a few things that I found interesting. 

Last year’s total number of books distributed through legitimate channels: 861

Number of freebies: 752

That means 87% of my books that landed in reader hands were given away. I’m guessing that most of (if not all of) the people cruising online bookstores for free reading are generally not paying customers. 

Plan of action: I’m leaving one book as a free download, and any other freebies I offer for the foreseeable future will be through this blog. I’d rather give my stuff to people who are interested me as a human and not just padding their library with whatever they find. 

The vast majority of my real sales came from nonfiction audio. I want to focus on that a little more in the future. My most popular title has zero advertising and still manages to sell somewhat consistently. This bodes well for my upcoming nonfiction release.

Another thing I did was evaluate my book distribution situation. All the books I have in circulation are available through Amazon. Other channels? Not so much. Apparently, at some point, I forgot that Google Play Books was a thing. I also have a middleman for a couple of major distribution channels, one being Barnes and Noble. Why?

Laziness? Efficiency? Both?

Plan of action for distribution: Publish books directly through the major channels where available. Use the middle-man for the smaller bookstores that probably won’t impact sales as much. Also remember that Google Play Books exists. 

I have other numbers and other plans, which I will likely mention in the future. This feels like forward movement. I like it.

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