Love and the Dark, AI Art

Hey, that title almost rhymes! I’ve got one more quick post before I break for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. 

AI-generated art is pretty interesting. I’ve seen some weird stuff since it really got popular. I thought it would be fun to do a quick series of AI pictures based on my writing. 

This round is for Love and the Dark, which is a romantic thriller and probably one of my best books. It’s about an actress who gets cast in an unconventional movie production, and the director pushes her too hard, and there’s a series of murders. The whole thing gets kinda surreal at times, so I figured the AI art would be appropriate. 

I tried to use DALL-E-2 for these, but the website kept spazzing out. In their defense, I think it’s still in beta.

These came from the Wombo Dream app, which is awesome! These aren’t exact interpretations of the bits of the book that inspired them, but they’re fairly decent.

prompt: bed in a forest

Bed in a forest is probably my favorite.

prompt: angry bear

He actually looks pretty happy to me! This was the first one I made in this set. I ended up switching the art style because this one wasn’t atmospheric enough. I couldn’t quite get the bear right in the other styles I tried, though, so we get happy bear!! I also tried to put him in a tunnel, but the app refused.

prompt: abandoned indoor pool

The room housing the pool is pretty close to what I pictured in my head while writing the book. My brain version of the pool was nowhere near this clean.

prompt: Abandoned Irish pub

The tables, chairs, and walls are fairly accurate. The weird road down the middle? Not so much. Also not so much was the weirdly fancy chandelier that I cropped out of the picture. Not bad, though, Wombo, not bad.

If you’d like to check out the book, Love and the Dark, it can be found on Amazon at this link or just give the cover a clickaroo.

I will catch you all after the holiday, probably for Caturday. Happy Thanksgiving, if you celebrate! Enjoy your food. Hug your people.


  1. This is pretty interesting, Lea. I downloaded Wombo and was playing around with it. Results were awesome, which led me to wonder if it’s copywriter for use as book covers. Or what if I took the idea generated and did my own painting from it? Opinions online about copyright are mixed.

    • I’ve been wondering about the same thing! If I remember correctly, the most recent attempt at copyrighting AI art was struck down because the copyright law says the creator has to be human. However, I could see that changing in the future at some point. I wouldn’t mind using the AI as a kind of inspiration springboard and putting my own spin on it. I think that might be safer than using it as straight cover art?

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