This Week

Man, stuff has been crazy lately. I feel like I need about 6 months off work just to catch up with everything.

A roof guy came out Tuesday because the roof started leaking somewhat significantly. He determined the leak was due to some flashing that went south and not a shingle issue, so yay! He said if all goes well, I could get another 5-10 years out of my shingles. I’m very happy about that.

The cabinets…I’m still working on. The doors have been a big-time pain in the butt, but I’m making progress. I’ll post a picture of that whole half of the bathroom when it’s done.

I really do love that bathroom. It’s a nice size, and the tub is big, and in the evening, the sun comes through that window, so I can take a bath in the sunset if I want to.

Aside from that, life has been kind of hectic or my version of hectic, anyway. My son graduated high school last weekend, so congratulations, boy of mine! Not that you’ll probably ever read this. 

My great uncle also died last weekend. We weren’t close, but he was very cool. I liked him a lot. My grandmother died last fall. He was her brother, and I think they were best friends, too. I hope they’re off somewhere in the universe together, bickering like proper siblings. I miss their energy. 

Writing productivity has been hit and miss the last week or so, mostly due to some busy weekends and my somewhat low energy level, but I’m working to get it back. If one wants optimal energy levels, one should probably not live off cheeseburgers and microwave chimichangas. 

On the subject of energy, I saw an interesting post on Reddit the other day, and under that was a comment that really hit me. Someone asked why humans don’t get zoomies. Part of the comment section turned into a conversation about work, and one of the responders mentioned how work robs us of our “functional time.”

It really does. Whether you have a physical job or a desk job, full time work uses the part of your day and the energy you could’ve used to do something that makes your life more fulfilling. I can’t even begin to tell you the times I’ve sat at my day-job work desk, desperately wanting to write instead of doing whatever boring ass thing I was doing. 

So basically, my writing life has consisted of me trying to push myself to work outside of my functional time. I think this is why so many writers who have full time jobs have trouble motivating themselves to work. I and others like me are fighting to win our functional time, but we have to do so during our more low energy time. It sucks, but here we are, I guess.

I’ll just have to continue scratching the walls, looking for a way to escape the trap. 

That’s all I have for now. I should have some more flash fiction either next week or the week after so stay tuned!

Roses in the yard 💕


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