Flash Fiction: The Orb

Beyond a swath of darkness and a sea of wilting corn, a light shone in the distance. And every night, as Tessie watched from the back porch, it wove its way a little closer, this way and that,  casting strange shadows. Then it would stop. It would wait. Her nose would bleed.

Daytime investigations yielded nothing. When she asked her neighbors if they saw it, they told her that she drank too much. She didn’t drink.

On the final night, it arrived. The luminous orb stopped in her backyard, and, crying tears of joy, she nearly tripped down the stairs while running to meet it. As she reached out to touch it, the orb flared. It surrounded her, suffused with her soul, granted her power and purpose. This thing she had become, it was hungry. She turned toward her neighbors’ house.

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