On this Wednesday

Hello, lovelies! How are we this fine day? I’m doing pretty well. Still working on the never-ending bathroom cabinet project. God I can’t wait until it’s finished.

I’d finish a lot more quickly if the weather would cooperate. Sanding wood is generally not a good indoor activity. Luckily, I should have some decent weather here in the next day or two, and I’ll be able to kick the butts. 

I have a new round of flash fiction in the works since people seemed to like it. Last time, I wrote a bunch of it at once. The batch method seemed to work pretty well because I can get into “flash fiction mode.” 

I also plan to use the flash fiction as a writing warm-ups for the Leviathan project, which I shall commence writing very soon.

I actually wrote about 4 chapters before, but it wasn’t quite clicking. So it was back to the drawing board to rearrange and recalibrate, and now the machine seems to be running pretty smoothly. This is going to be a fun one. 

I’m also eager to see how my writing has changed since a lot of the negative energy in my life is gone. I have a “let’s take this baby out for a spin” brain vibe going. 

That’s all I have for now. Please enjoy this photo of early-blooming flowers from my yard, and be sure to subscribe if you’d like to wander this way again.

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