The October Flash Fiction Extravaganza Schedule

Okie dokie! So I did a bad job of posting flash fiction this week. Stuff has been crazy. I started a fancy new day job on the same day my brother was in the ICU after a seizure so yeah. Add to that an hour+ commute each way to/from the office and trying to absorb somewhat complicated training material and what you have is brain mush. and energy mush. I’ve been accomplishing very little in the evenings.

In the interest of consistency, I scheduled the rest of the flash fiction posts for the month. Even if I die (hopefully, I won’t), the posts should go up. UNSTOPPABLE EXTRAVAGANZA is what this is, all caps, assuming the WordPress scheduler works as intended. Below are the days and story titles for the rest of the month. Basically, they’re on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday rotation.

  • 10/11 Graffiti
  • 10/13 Feathers and Twine
  • 10/15 A Work of Art
  • 10/18 Asylum
  • 10/20 Inheritance
  • 10/22 Her Condition
  • 10/25 Successor
  • 10/27 Observatory
  • 10/29 The Salesman

If you’re new to the blog, these are tales of the supernatural. I write mostly weird stuff.

I will likely still sneak in a life/house update or two.

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