Yard Cleanup and Writing Commences

FRIDAY, y’all! I am so excited the weekend is here. I have a love/hate relationship with early mornings. I love working out and getting stuff done early, but I hate getting my butt out of bed. I wish I were one of those people could just spring out of bed and go. I would be UNSTOPPABLE.

The house projects for this week are not too exciting. I did some yard cleanup. Between the rusty shed and the current fence was the old fence, left there by the previous resident or perhaps the resident before them. Some of the wood was so decayed, it was pretty much part of the soil, at this point.

Toss in some leaves from last autumn, and you have a lovely little mess. This is the before picture.

This picture doesn’t look as bad as it was in person. For example, that wood on the ground? Yeah, there were a few layers below that. And the slugs. There were several medium-sized slimies, which I MIGHT have tossed over the current fence, into the neighbor’s yard.

Here’s the after picture.

I found the ground!

And how many skulls did I find? ZERO. Zilch. No bird. No mouse. Nothing.

Speaking of skulls, however, I DID score something very cool for my fossil/bone collection last weekend. Check out this beastie.

3-HORNED GOAT! Very Excito. I named it Luci, because it looks like the devil.

I found it in an antique mall and didn’t pick it up, at first. I did send pictures to the girl and the boy. The girl sent me dollars and informed me that was my birthday present, so I did walk out with it. I think her words were, “Buy it or else.” XD

Both the girl and the boy have since brought friends over and shown Luci to them. I think they like it.

I have wondered how a future dating prospect might feel if they walk into my house and see that, as well as the variety of other dead things displayed in my front room. Then I decided that this is how I can weed out the weak/basic ones. If my weird is too weird for you, we probably wouldn’t work out anyway.

On to the subject of writing… I have officially jumped writing projects. I worked a little on the romance that I previously started, and I just couldn’t get back into it. Does that mean I’ve abandoned it entirely? No. I don’t feel like I have.

I could grit my teeth and try to get through it, but for now, I just need to work on something else. If the enthusiasm isn’t there, the writing will be garbage, anyway.

I will refer to the new project as the leviathan project, even though that won’t be the title. The genre is fantasy. Lake Michigan is involved. I might release a chapter at a time as serialized fiction through Kindle Vella. If that happens, I could possibly get at least a chapter or two out by the end of the year. We’ll see how that goes.

I’ve actually had this one plotted out for a while, so the writing/editing could go pretty quickly if I get my booty in gear.

Have a lovely weekend! Do fun things; that’s an order.

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