Hiking Pics and a Quick Project Update

Hello, my lovelies! How is every little thing? Life is decent over here, for the most part.

The writing is going well on and off. I’m letting too many distractions get in the way, I think. I find things to clean, to fix, or to pack, and I just run off for a while. However, the word count on the current romance novel rough draft is just under 14k, so I am making progress!

I look forward to moving into my new place. The energy will be calmer there.

I also have a few pictures from a recent hike!

Putting my feet to the earth has been a big relief for me. The fresh air is great. I get to listen to the sounds of birds and the wind in the trees.

Weather permitting, I might have some lilac garden pictures and/or kayak pictures next week!

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