A Few Quick Updates

Helllooooo! What is up? I hope everyone is living well. I thought I’d pop on with some updates. 

First, I redesigned the Authors Read logo so that it no longer looks like I’m broadcasting live from a log cabin. Here’s a little before and after with the before on the left and the shiny new on the right.

I think it turned out pretty good.

I’m still working on the Dark Dreams and Troubled Souls year edition audiobook. That project is a MONSTER. I have dragged this thing out way too long, for real. If I don’t finish at least most of it by the end of the year, I’ll have to shift it to a lower spot on the priority list. 

I also decided that I have those books (the ones already out) listed in the wrong genre. I have them listed as horror, which some of them do skew that way, but they don’t all fit there. So, if I ever finish this never-ending audio project, I’m releasing the new edition into the fantasy genre. 

That means I also need to tweak the Dark Dreams and Troubled Souls podcast a bit. It’s getting new cover art, new intros on the old episodes, AND actual new episodes. New intros are recorded. At least one new episode is also already recorded. This kind of ties in with the audiobook project, so it’s…a giant pain in my ass, basically. I’m ready to be done with all of it.

If I manage to get that out anytime soon, it will probably be my only release next year. I have a series of 5 romances planned, so I plan to spend next year writing, editing, and recording, etc. I would like to finish all that by the end of 2021, but we’ll see how that goes. Five books is a lot. It’s possible that I might not finish until 2022. 

I realize that the genre switch is kind of weird after the last set of short stories, but I’m okay with that.

I will still blog and do the podcasts. I will be around, pinkie swear.

Have you subscribed to my blog yet? If not, you totally should! Come for the words; stay for the cat pictures.

cat is beauty. cat is grace.


  1. Wow, it seems like you have your plate full. Always inspiring to see fellow bloggers doing their hustle. I think I’ll go check out your podcast soon. Keep on keeping on, Lea!

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