How Jerks Occupy Space

I got a subscription to Entertainment Weekly a few months ago, and in one of the recent issues, I found an interesting article. It was an interview with Chris Evans about his character in the movie Knives Out.

His character’s name is Ransom. Ransom is a jerk.

from IMDB

The interview is kind of a mini-character study that touches on Ransom’s physical presence, how he occupies space. I like this quote in particular.

“There’s a certain physicality of a person who is soaked in con­fidence, truly marinated in that kind of entitlement,” says Evans. “And it involves minimal eye contact, a constant state of recline, whether they’re sitting or standing…an unapologetic physicality [where] they make the space their own. They’re gonna put their f—ing feet up, they’re gonna own their oxygen in a way that is not just confidence, it’s an active indifference to the people around them. Which is a real weaponized trait.”

OMG, yes! I love the detail. Very nice. I didn’t realize Entertainment Weekly contained these juicy bits. I will now use it as a potential source for character research.

Link to the whole interview

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