Story Notes: Carnival (plus a freebie!)

Hey-o! I’m dropping in with some quick notes on the first story in Book 1 of my new short fiction series, Dark Dreams and Troubled Souls.

tales of meta cover 1

The version of Carnival in Book 1 is an extended version of a story that first appeared in the print book, Indiana’s Emerging Writers in 2018. I actually wrote the story to submit for publication in that book. However, I overlooked the word count limit and had to go back and cut about 300 words. That hurt.

I can’t remember what inspired this story, exactly. I keep a journal of ideas, so I’m sure this involved a combination of a few items from it. One example of this is the Japanese war fan (used in the martial art, Tessenjutsu) that I mentioned in the story. I also mentioned them in my novel, Wild Spirits of the Hollow.

Writing about a carnival was really fun. They have an otherworldly quality that makes them perfect settings for odd happenings. Between the lights and music and sounds and smells, they’re alive in their way. This won’t be the last time I write about one.

Carnival is featured in Book 1 of Dark Dreams and Troubled Souls, which is free on Amazon for the next few days. Link!

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