She’s Baaaack

Hey there! I’m back. Did you miss me? I was on a much needed vacation to the sunny state of Florida. We had a lovely time. We visited the mice and various other fictional characters. Fun times.

We also made a trip to the beach.


Fun fact: the last time I traveled outside the states bordering Indiana was about a decade ago. I didn’t realize that much time had passed. I have no intention of waiting 10 years for the next trip.

Another fun fact: we drove there. The trip is like 17 hours. Due to the long commutes I’ve suffered through for the past several years, I’m not overly fond of being in a car. I want to fly next time, for real. That drive is for the birds.

My confinement in the car did give me the opportunity to work on several projects.

I finished:
Rough draft descriptions for the rest of the short stories
A new outline for the scifi series
Outline for another book
And other randomly assorted bits

Pretty great!

I didn’t do this next thing in the car, but it is complete.

This is the cover art (minus the title) for my upcoming short fiction series. I plan to use the same cover for all pieces in the first year. Well, the title will change, of course.

Year 1 cover base art

The font I used for my name is the “decorative” version of one of my faves, one called Cinzel. I love the way the letter swoops look like knife blades. It’s fitting for the series.

Why am I using the same base cover art every month? For the sake of both efficiency and recognizability. I’m trying to make things as easy as possible for future me.

I don’t have an ETA on the corresponding podcast yet. It will drop sometime after the book series launches but before the end of the year.

I decided to only record the short stories for podcast episodes. The novelettes will be too long and cumbersome to put together. I will release those as audiobooks, of course. I just need to figure out some sort of schedule. 🤔

As for the book 1 release, we are still a go for 8/5.

That’s all I have for now. My somewhat erratic blogging schedule shall resume shortly.

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