Emerging from Hibernation?

Hey-o! I have been SO lazy lately. The urge to curl up in my house and hibernate until spring is real and true.

But I did finish a rough draft manuscript today, so yay! It was my nano project, and this version is complete at about 71,000 words. Yeah, it’s kind of short. Most of my stuff is. That’s okay because it makes it easier for me to wrangle.

I questioned my decisions a lot during the writing of this thing, especially toward the end. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

For instance, there was one point in which I was really on the fence about whether a character should die. The death would make sense during the course of the story. But I couldn’t bear to kill that person off, and then I felt bad about not killing them off. I wondered if I was letting my feelings get in the way of what the story should be.

Then, with another character that actually did die, they did so off camera. They were just kind of found dead. Should I have done more with that? It made sense in the story, for the body to be found, given the chaotic situation that was going on at that time. If this story happened in real life, such a thing would be entirely possible if not probable, but books aren’t real life.

I’ll have some time to mull things over before I circle back to edit this one.


IMG_20180123_223243 (1)
Sad Kitty Tomato is Sad


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