The First

Hey, guys! Sorry if this post turns out weird. I am very, very tired due to a lack of sleep, but I wanted to get this thing up because I’m really excited.

I attended my first author event/author fair/book signing. It was all of those things for me because I’ve never done any of those things.

It was at the Fayette County Library in Connersville, Indiana. Here are a few pics.




I shared my table with Dee Armstrong Crabtree, mommy dearest and author of Uncle Imblay’s Fortune. That’s her book on the right.


I sold one book, met some super nice people, including the library personnel. AND guess what, they added a copy of Love and the Dark to their collection! Squeeeee!


Getting my book on a library shelf has been a goal of mine for years. Libraries have meant a lot to me since I was a kid. The librarian lady probably thought I was the biggest dork ever because I was so excited.

AND they gave me this mug! Little do they know that in my mind, this is not actually just a mug. It’s more like a trophy because this whole day was huge for me. The mug is going on my bookshelf.


If any of the ladies of the Fayette County Library are reading this – thank you again. I hope you enjoy the book!





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