Shining Observations

There has been much working on projects lately, which has resulted in my absence from the blog! But I am here now.

This isn’t so much a movie review as just some random observations about the movie. I first saw The Shining many years ago. We watched it again this weekend. I have no real reason other than we just wanted to.

First, the music is HORRIBLE, most notably in the opening credits. Did you ever have one of those casio keyboard synthesizer things when you were a kid? If so, you might have done what I did and press random keys in what occasionally felt like a rational order, “making music”. That’s what this particular portion of the soundtrack sounds like, exactly.

Second. That kid’s facial expressions. Holy cow. I giggled every time they displayed a close-up view of his terror, which is probably not the correct reaction for someone with kids of their own to have. And hence.

danny 1

danny 2


I liked that the actors didn’t look like they were wearing much makeup, which was actually kind of cool because they looked like real people instead of painted plastic.

I also thought it was very inconsiderate of the hotel management to remove the adult beverages from the bar before departing for the winter. Lloyd had to serve ghost liquor. That will not do.

And thus ends my random Shining observations.

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