Book in a Box

I decided to put down the work in progress rough draft for the moment. I’ve been working on it since March and I feel myself getting more and more burned out on it. I’m afraid the project fatigue is going to affect the level of effort I put into the writing.

I know I said I wouldn’t put down a rough draft in the middle of writing it again, but the quality is going to suffer if I don’t. I have some other stuff I need to wrap up anyway. I’ll just make good notes and not be away from it long.

Anyway. I came up with a pretty cool (I think) idea for the Pestilence Rising kickstarter campaign. With a kickstarter campaign, you’re supposed to offer stuff for the people who toss in their money. The more money, the better the rewards get.

The inspiration for this probably came from box set video games. They come with the game and other stuff associated with the game. I plan to do a box set for the book.

Here’s the plan for the moment. This could change anytime before I launch the campaign if I decide it isn’t feasible or I come up with something better.

A box, possibly wood. Of decent size but still small enough to fit in most bookshelves.

The signed kickstarter hard cover edition
Promotional book cover magnets
Signed prints of the 4 character illustrations from the trailer
Thank you card from me because manners

Maybe something else if I can cram it in there.

I think it could be a cool thing.

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