nerd rant: the xbox one devil

hell no kitty

I know, I know, today is supposed to be the movie post. I have one written, but I decided to talk about something else today because it’s bothering me.

I’m a gamer. I’ve been a gamer since the dawn of Commodore 64. I still play on an almost daily basis, not the 64, of course. I currently have a wii, a ps3 and an xbox 360. PS3 is my preference.

I was reading about the xbox one today and the direction they’re going has royally pissed me off. I wish I could find the article I read earlier today so I could share the link, but I can’t find it now. I think it was on Yahoo.

So, the used game thing is what everyone is talking about the most, it seems. Obviously, this is about corporate greed. I buy most of my games used. I do not buy all of my games used. Some games, I buy used and then, if I like the series well enough, I buy the subsequent releases new.

Apparently the powers that be have decided that buying used games is akin to shady business. I have a newsflash for them. Those games I bought used? I wouldn’t have purchased them new. Or else I would’ve done that in the beginning.

That aside, this new thing. This new thing has my hackles up, for real. Apparently, the xbox one needs an internet connection every day or so or the game function of the console is deactivated.

Sorry anyone who doesn’t have constant access to an internet connection. For you, the xbox one is an over-priced DVD player, but hey, you have that going for you.

If this is real (and I sincerely hope it isn’t), it’s a move in a very wrong direction. Tell me, Microsoft. What are the advantages of dropping $400 or whatever you plan to charge to have my content so tightly controlled that it’s rendered useless if my connection goes down for a few days? Why exactly would I want this product?

This is one of those times where we get to decide how our culture moves forward. There will be people who will buy this system only because it’s an xbox. They have fans like that.

Gamers need to reject this product with enthusiasm. Vote with your dollars.

If enough people buy the xbox one under these circumstances, that’s a vote for this new system, the iron grip on games we did actually pay money for. It’s an invitation for them to find out how much farther they can push us. Hey, why not charge us an hourly rate? Hell, maybe we can pay a monthly bill just for the honor of having an xbox in our house.

I vote no. Microsoft will not receive one penny from me for xbox anything if this is how they plan to treat their customers.



  1. I grew up gaming on the Commodore as well! Been a long time since I had to type LOAD “*” ,8,1 and listen to the floppy drive grind away. After hearing about all of the ridiculousness with the XBOX One, it’s going to be a pass for me. I’m gaming much more on my PC these days anyway, so no big loss for me!

    • OMG! childhood memories. yes, I could recite that command in my sleep. so awesome. 🙂
      Yeah, I’m into ps3. I like variety, but it’s not worth all that. I’ll just hang onto my 360 until it croaks and then move on with my life.

  2. Commodore 64! Oh man, that brings back happiness from the past!

    I actually just read about this a couple of hours ago – Sony are really gunning for Xbox with the launch of the PS$. They specifically mentioned the used games issue – and also the fact that you’ll have to go online at least every 24 hrs with the new Xbox to maintain saved games (I think. although I haven’t actually read the details to be honest!). Oh, the PS4 will also be $100 cheaper. And no, I don’t work for Sony!

    • I saw that on Facebook this morning about the PS4 and was quite pleased! I prefer to buy from companies who act like they want to retain their customers.

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