book trailer complete

Despite my resistance to completing this project, it’s finished! It actually only took about 8 hours all together.

So why the resistance to completion? I was being a chicken. I’m actually a giant coward. This is the last thing I needed to do before working on putting together the kickstarter campaign I plan to do. As long as I was working on the trailer, I didn’t have to worry about it. A state of working is a very safe place for me.

My goal with the kickstarter campaign is to raise some money for advertising because my advertising budget is basically nothing. I don’t make enough money from my writing to justify draining the family checking account.

Oh wait…should I admit that?

Worrying about the kickstarter campaign is silly anyway because it’s pretty much a win whether or not I raise any money. Even if no one buys in, I still get to slap my name and book info up on a website. Free exposure. Woo! That’s well within the budget.

Here’s the trailer. I put the graphics together in fireworks, did the animation in powerpoint, exported it as a windows media video and imported it to window live movie maker to add the music.

The great and powerful oz has spoken.


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