some updates and a beta read offer

How are you today, fellow netizens? I am quite fine and dandy. I’ve scheduled myself a mini writing retreat during the last week of March. The kids are leaving on vacation without me (sigh), so the house will be quiet. I thought it would be a good time to get the next book going. I’m taking a four-day weekend.

Now, if I can just keep myself from getting distracted by video games and keep my husband from devouring my time like it’s some gourmet dish, I think all will go swimmingly.

I sometimes have this grand notion that I could barricade myself in a hotel room with no distractions and get a lot done that way, but honestly, I’d probably just drink a bunch of wine and sleep for like 15 hours. So yes, home is probably better for productivity. Plus I have my kitchen with my food in it and Maxwell (cat) is there. I am quite fond of his presence.

The project this weekend is the cover art for Pestilence Rising. I have a good idea of what I want, font and such. I’m quite confident it’s going to be my best cover yet. And it won’t be black! Crazy, right? I’ll give y’all a look when it’s finished.

That reminds me, I would like to find one or two beta readers for the final version. The book has been edited and beta-read, but I’m still paranoid about typos and such. I have trouble leaving things alone and am worried I’ve screwed part of it up somewhere along the line.

If anyone is interested in beta reading for me, shoot me an email at lea-ryan at hotmail dot com and let me know if you would like a doc or pdf or an epub file and I’ll send it. I would be happy to thank you by name in the acknowledgements.

Here’s the book description as it stands now.

“When Hunter’s emotions break free of his control, any person unfortunate enough to be standing nearby is stricken with a wasting sickness. His affliction has alienated him from his family and prevented him from making any real friends. His life is one of isolation imposed by both himself and his domineering employer, but all that is about to change.

The Center for the Preservation of Natural Order classifies his kind as “ravagers”, just another anomaly from which they must protect the rest of society. The Center allows Hunter to remain free on the condition that he work for them, identifying other people like him for capture. The arrangement works for all parties involved until a girl claiming to be an angel appears in his living room.

Celeste brings word that a cult has kidnapped his estranged brother, and Hunter is the only person who can save him. The two of them plunge into the rainy night with Center agents hot on their tail.

As if their journey weren’t perilous enough, they have to deal with rising floodwaters consuming the countryside and bizarre interference brought by a beautiful, tattooed woman appearing to Hunter as a reflection in glass and water. She seeks to lure him away from Celeste, toward a place in which he no longer has to fear what he is. He will be forced to decide where his loyalties lie.”


  1. I wanted to let you know that your story seems VERY interesting, and even though I do not have the time to commit to beta reading, I would love it if you dropped me a line when it is finished. I would love to read it, and, being a first time author myself, struggling to break through that wall most people buildup against new authors they’ve never heard of, I have found myself often wanting to read new authors.

    Anywho, I hope this comment finds you well and good luck!

    Julien Haller

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