zombies and book working

I’ve had 2 zombie dreams this week. During both of these dreams, I was mostly unable to arm myself properly. Where there were guns, they were either not loaded or falling apart. The best weapon I got my hands on last night was a pair of kitchen knives, which weren’t all that effective on the undead. I mean, I did manage not to get bitten, so I guess I did a decent job of surviving.

Certain people say that if you have dreams that you’re being chased, you’re probably feeling guilty about something. I did a little mental evaluation and came up with no events that might have caused such feelings to surface. I’m going to go with – too much watching the Walking Dead.
Ok, book update. I’m still working on the first Pestilence read-through. It seems to be taking a really long time, especially considering that the book is actually in decent condition as far as editing goes. The story seems to be lining up ok. The characters are consistent. The dialog is good. I’m just doing some tortoise speed reading, I guess.
I should be making more of an effort to read other books when I’m not editing or drawing. I haven’t read any fiction of significant length lately, which is bad. I’ve picked up a couple of books and then promptly tossed them aside. I’ll get back to at least some of them, I’m sure.
I think that’s all I have for now.

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