movie: Super 8

I adored this movie.

Super 8 is about a group of kids who is making a zombie movie with a home video camera. They’re filming next to some train tracks when there is a horrific crash. The military swoops in and basically takes over the town. They’re looking for something but are tight-lipped about what that something is.

Why did I adore this movie? Several reasons. The general feel of the movie, the story, the grown-up sounding banter between the kids, reminded me of Stephen King. In fact, while we were watching the movie, I actually looked up who wrote it because I thought maybe I missed this book release. JJ Abrams was the writer and the director. You might’ve heard of some of his other credits: Lost, Fringe, Alcatraz, Person of Interest. The man kicks serious ass.

Super 8 takes place in the summer of 1979. I think they seemed to do a really good job recreating the time period, visually. I can’t remember the actual time period of course because I was like 2 years old. But the scenery and wardrobe, etc. all feels authentic and not cheesy in any way.

Special effects were amazing. The story was compelling. Very good. Super 8 gets a big, fat A.

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