When I grow up…

Some day I will have all of my shiz together. I might have to push
the print release out by a week or so due to various outside forces like the
website drama and internal forces like the fact that I have trouble stopping
myself from editing. I think I’m ok though. I can step away, I swear.

I need to take care of various print release tasks like designing
the back cover, formatting the book interior, and ordering a proof copy. I’ll
probably finish all that business this weekend, assuming there is time. If the
print delay makes you sad, take heart. A few chapter-long excerpt shall appear
online on 2/21.

The domain name transfer for the website is taking forever! That
is not a super easy or efficient process. There are all sorts of numbers and
account settings and requests involved. Hopefully that will be resolved by
release day. I was hopeful it would be resolved by now! The transfer is
apparently not something they really want you to do.

For the next release, I would like to be better about finishing
certain tasks at least a month before the book comes out. This round, because
the lag between releases has been so long, I’m probably a bit over-eager to get
it out into the world. In the future, I need to be okay with holding onto the
finished book while I get all my business in order. I’ll be more organized and
focused then. yes.

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