movie: Thor

Thor is a movie about a space Viking who is banished to Earth by his father. That’s right. Space. Viking.

So, King Viking Daddy (played by Anthony Hopkins) sends Thor and his hammer off separately. He also strips his son of all his powers. Thor meets an adorable but plain scientist name Jane (Natalie Portman). She is in charge of her own space research team.

While Thor is away, his brother Loki starts causing some trouble back home, as characters named Loki tend to do.

So. There was action. There were many special effects, especially in the scenes depicting Thor’s home planet.

Thor’s character was a little cheesy (really, how could he not be?) and Portman’s character was probably a bit weak, but the movie was good. I will say that it probably could have been shorter. It was almost two hours. A longer movie format is justified for say, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Thor? Maybe not so much.

I would like to see a sequel. Thor gets a B+.

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