in which there was Tuesday

Oh my gosh. We have been insanely busy latey. The fact that I have gotten any writing done at all is frigging amazing, seriously.

The boy has boy scouts about one day a week and soccer three days a week.

The girl has cross country and guard, one or the other or sometimes both 5-6 days a week. And the occasional orthodonist or eye doctor appointment.

Plus they both have homework and everything else associated with attending school.

Crazy times. I love to watch the kids compete and perform, etc but getting everywhere we need to be is hectic. The husband keeps track of most of the scheduling and picks up the girl most of the time, which is very helpful. I can’t wait until the schedules slow down a bit. That should occur some time in October, I believe.

So I grab writing time where I can. I’m also trying to read 2 books that libraries will expect back at some point. Does anyone have a time machine I can borrow? That wouldhelpsomuch, thank you.

Tomorrow is the one-month anniversary of the Journey Reader launch. I am really pleased with it so far. I can’t believe it’s only been up and running a month! So far, JR has over 20 authors either already on or plugged into the scheduler for the near future.

Sometimes I worry about running out of people who are willing to promo books there, which is completely silly. I’m currently scheduling November posts because I’m out that far. I’ve delayed some blog-to-author marketing activities because I know if my inbox gets out of hand, I’m done for. While I love JR, I don’t want it to consume my whole life, which it hasn’t done, yet.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now.

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