word vomit

I have a scene that I’m writing for AnnaBeth2 in which there is information (aside from the actual scene happenings) that I wish to convey. It’s sort of a story within the story about previous events which reveal motivation for one of my supporting character’s actions.

I don’t want to do a flashback, but I also want to keep from the infamous information dump. For the non-writerly types out there, an info dump is when an author just vomits a bit of story (usually back story) onto the page. It’s quick and relatively painless but the cost is a loss of flow.

To prevent an information dump, I did the following. I vomited in a notebook. I wrote the back story all out in basic form. No fluff. Just go. I got it all out of my system, now as I write the actual scene that will go in the book, I weave in the necessary pieces gradually.

Doing this is kind of like spilling all of the puzzle pieces out of the box so you can get a look at what you have before putting them in order.

I’m keeping what’s important and losing nonessential aspects or details that could be implied. I like it. Yes I do.


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