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The rewriting of the remix project is going very well. I’m making an effort to be patient and pay attention to what should be happening in the story. There have been a couple of instances where, in a fit of wanting-to-finish, I flew through a moment that was far more significant than the one-two sentence I gave it the first time around. So I write farther into it and explore the various possibilities for that particular interaction between characters or emotion or action, whatever.

Another thing I’m trying is injecting as much personality into setting as possible. I hate it when my descriptions come off sounding like lists. I know I said that before. The rattling off of various details is an efficient way to be done with setting the scene but if I’m being honest with myself, it’s the lazy way out…and maybe the coward’s way too.

I previously gave myself a tentative deadline of the end of July to finish messing around with the first draft of the remix project. Today is 7/22, so that gives me 10 days.


Maybe if I can activate a laser rocket attention span or possibly borrow someone’s time machine, I can make that. Realistically, I would say it’s probably not going to happen, but what I will do is try my damnedest to finish within that time frame. Is that really a word? Damnedest?

I would have to run through about ten pages a day to get there. It took me 2 days to get through 8 pages this week.

Of course, those were at the beginning of the book, which is the part of the book that I always end up rewriting the most. The beginning is extremely important because it’s the part that helps people decide if they want the ebook. When you allow sampling, the sample runs from the beginning.

Anyway, I’m off to hang out with my purple binder and see how much rewriting I can cram into my two days off.

Have glorious times.
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