yogurty rant

I read something today that really irked me. Apparently people think that a Yoplait yogurt commercial encourages eating disorders.

Have you seen it? It features a woman standing in front of a refrigerator, trying to decide whether to eat a slice of the largest raspberry cheesecake ever. She runs through some options in her head – exercising to compensate for calories, etc. Another girl walks up and takes a yogurt instead.

Not a big deal, right? Wrong-o! People who I imagine are on a never-ending quest for something to be offended by have decided that this will somehow trigger an eating disorder. Yoplait has pulled the commercial as a result.

How stupid has our culture become? Someone deciding not to eat a freakishly oversized dessert is automatically suffering from dire food issues? That is the most riggoddamndiculous shiz I’ve read in quite some time.

We are lucky enough to live in a country where we have many, many food choices. Giant raspberry cheesecakes are a trip to the nearest grocery store away. We face choices like this every single day of our lives.

Just because someone stops to think about whether they should eat a giant dessert does NOT mean they have an eating disorder. It means they actually care about what they’re stuffing into their mouths.

And shame on Yoplait for pulling that commercial. There wasn’t a thing wrong with it.

For anyone who complained to Yoplait about a frickin’ yogurt commercial, I offer the following advice: Get a life. Live in it. Move on.


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