guest post: Beth Stafford and Cassie

For the first time ever on the blog, an artist is visiting! I am super excited. This is Beth Stafford and Cassie the doggie artist.

Beth Stafford is a visual artist who teamed up with her canine companion, Cassie, several years ago to make riotously colorful abstract art under the name “PiCassieO”. The digital prints start as photographs of Cassie’s inspired “brushwork” on the windows and doors, and are then transformed by the artist in Photo Shop with amazingly beautiful results. PiCassieO prints and jewelry may be purchased at

Thedynamic duo also have a just-for-fun shop at* with outrageous Keds, iPhone and iPadCases, mugs, stamps and other colorful items designed by PiCassieO. Only for the bold of ‘art!

Read about Team PiCassieO at

— Thank you Beth and Cassie for visiting! — Lea Ryan —

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